We offer 3 chair styles that will provide a great experience and a custom touch to any patio or business.  Our Michigan chairs have been a sensational addition to our product line and the unique design has become our brand signature.  We offer both pub style (tall) and deck side chairs.

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Deck Style

Pub Style


Our Michigan Mitten  style chair  is one of our most popular designs. Inspired by the Great Lakes state, this chair offers the perfect contour to relax and enjoy your favorite beverage. 

    Our chairs are made from select pine and we also offer premium cedar wood (call for pricing details).  



Chair Prices

Single Chair Features

Single Deck


Pub Style (tall)


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  • Set up for a cup holder

  • Reinforced framing

  • Wide arm rest 

  • Pub Style foot rest


Engraving           $25 to $50 

Deck Sette

 Our Michigan settees are perfect for your patio.  Designed for conversation and lasting memories, the settee has become equally as popular as the single chair.   

    The settees are made from select pine and we also offer  premium cedar wood (call for pricing details).  




Settee Features

  • Set up for two cup holders

  • Reinforced framing

  • Wide arm rest 

  • Three board middle table

  • Cabot Australian Timber Oil Stain

  • Pub Style foot rest

Engraving          $25 to $50 per back

Big Boy Chair

Big Boy Chair

Settee Prices

Deck Settee Stained


Pub Settee Stained


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    If you are ready to make a "BIG" statement for your business or promotion, then nothing is better to capture attention than a 7 foot tall Big Boy Chair.  Tens of thousands of people a year pop into the Big Boy for photos and smiles.  The Big Boy chair has become a major attraction around the state of Michigan.   

    We invite you to hear what our Big Boy customers have to say about this unique piece.   



  • Super Size Seat and Back

  • Reinforced framing

  • Wide arm rest 

  • Back rest available: 

    • ​Michigan , Surfboard, Adirondack

  • Endless Smiles


Color Choices



Custom Back        $100 

Custom Sticker    $50 - 100 per chair

Big Boy Painted


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Big Boy Features

Big Boy Prices


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